What I have Learned While Being Laid Off: The Birdbath

What I have Learned While Being Laid Off: The Birdbath

If you had really liked your previous job then you are probably both lamenting the past for what you used to have and now spending a lot of your time searching for employment in order to regain what you had lost.  So in essence you are living in both the past and the future.  Although it is important to learn from our past and to have goals for the future, what is easy to do in this situation is to forget about the most important state of being, that being in the present.  

In order to keep positive and your spirits lifted during this transition time, you must find time in your day to just be in the present and appreciate what is happening in your world at the moment.

This brings me to the birdbath.  I had received a birdbath a couple of years ago from my son and was excited to add it to one of my gardens.   I would religiously keep the water fresh and the bath full, but only on a couple of occasions did I ever notice a bird at it, and that was at the end of the day as I was pulling into the driveway coming home from work.  I resigned to the fact that the birdbath made a nice structural focal point in my garden but it really wasn’t being used by birds.  Little did I know that my birdbath was “party-central” during the day while I was at work.

Since this is a life sciences networking site, I am assuming you might be interested in the list of bird species I compiled that were visiting my birdbath:

Tufted Titmouse

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Wren

Brown Thrasher

Mocking Bird

Eastern Blue Bird

European Starling

Mourning Dove

House Finch

Blue Jay

Slate-Colored Junco

There was also a large white furry “bird” that I was surprised to discover using the birdbath.  I have mentioned her before, my cat, a.k.a. “coworker” Ella (based on my daughter’s observations of office dynamics, she has informed me that Ella actually is my manager now!).   Birdbath water must be much more flavorful than her bowl of fresh water in the kitchen.

I also was intrigued by the bird’s behavior.  Apparently there is some type of bird code of conduct that is followed that transcends across species.  Each bird liked to bathe in private.  The other birds would wait patiently in the tree branches above for a bird to leave before their turn.  Sometimes the waiting bird would get impatient and come down and hover over or alongside the birdbath, seemingly a signal to the bathing bird that time is up!  This code seemed to break down when the temperatures really soared into the upper 90’s when 2 or 3 birds would be in the birdbath at the same time.

Of course I was only able to acquire all of this new bird knowledge since I have been unemployed and spending most of my time now at home.  While this information is interesting, it surely isn’t earthshattering.   My point with this birdbath story is that when you open yourself up to the present, you will start to notice all that is currently happening around you and all the good that is happening in your life.  Hopefully, this will give you the positive attitude needed to help you through this job-searching period in your life.

Team Job Seekers:  I hope sharing my stories has been helpful to our job searching community.  Remember, you are not in this alone, we are a team and we will help each other through this transition time.  

Please take time each day to live in the present and if you have an example, please share it with the rest of the team with your comments.  It would be fun to know the positive things happening in each other’s lives, which would not otherwise have happened or been noticed had we not been in job transition.

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